Getting Engaged At Keith Field Goldsmith


We want you to have the perfect engagement experience.  When you are trying to express your identity or convey your feelings you need more than products and facts. Our sales team is not incentivized to sell a certain brand, design, or engagement package, but rather to develop a long term relationship with you. At Keith Field you will find friends and experienced Graduate Gemologists whose goal is to help you have discernment and success in the most memorable events of your life. 

As you begin your journey to find or create your ring, we encourage you to grill a trusted friend of your partner, troll her pinterest or even shop together. We welcome your questions. Our sales team is top notch. They know how to design quality jewelry, can show you brand differentiation, they know how gemstones are formed, mined, cut and set, and are dedicated to getting you answers even if it means admitting their own personal limits. At the same time, we also encourage you to start learning more about diamonds or colored stones on your own. Here is a great place to start. Every love story is beautiful and unique and we want you to make it truly yours.

Every engagement ring comes with

  • Our quality, craftsmanship and satisfaction guarantee
  • Free sizing for your first year
  • Professional cleaning and polish before your wedding
  • Lifetime of free setting checks and cleaning of ring
  • Statement of Purchase for insurance (often called an appraisal)

To give you a feel for what to expect, we have broken the engagement process down into 6 steps. All of these stages can happen in one visit to our showroom. Other times the whole process can take several months. We go at your pace. 

  1. Starting the Conversation - You send that first email or walk through the door. 
  2. Learning -  You tell us your story, your concerns, what you are looking for in your jeweler and ultimately what you are looking for in your engagement ring. We give you first hand experience with diamonds and engagement rings, general price ranges and help you round out your understanding of diamonds, colored gemstones and settings. 
  3. Hashing out the details - You decide on the design details of your ring and possibly schedule a viewing of specific diamonds. We work through making this ring Your Perfect Ring.
  4. Order - You give us the final OK and we make the ring. 
  5. Pickup - Take it from here!
  6. Final Details - This is when we might adjust the finger size of the ring. Before your wedding you will pick out wedding bands and get your professional cleaning and polish to ensure spectacular wedding photos.