Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

"How can I reduce the probability of becoming a victim of theft?" I often receive this question from customers when they make a purchase or update their insurance policy. In the hope to spread piece of mind, I have put together are a few steps to help you evaluate your jewelry's security. 

The first step is just to consider the safety of your valuables on a consistent basis. Old Ben Franklin's advice "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is still true today, so schedule a dedicated time to evaluate your security once a year. 

Second, divide your jewelry into groups that make sense for your collection and lifestyle. For example: jewelry you wear daily, high monetary value/sentimental jewelry you wear on occasion, etc. This will help you decide the best place to store your jewelry. 

Third, consider the best place to keep each group of jewelry. I reached out to Lt. Lynne Doucette, a detective at the Brunswick Police Department and was given some great local advice from the experts in the field. Here are a few of her thoughts for security implementation. 

1. A deceptive storage container like a hollowed out book or veggie container can be a safe and inexpensive way to store jewelry. However, we can all be a bit forgetful sometimes and one of our customers knows from experience that the blender is not the best place to store chains. A well meaning family member or friend that is cleaning or using your house can accidentally cause a catastrophe! 

2. A large safe that would be difficult to both open and take out of your house can be a great investment, especially if you have other valuables. Hiding it or bolting it down also can make it more secure. 

3. From a great household member that barks loudly when strangers are around to cameras, buzzers, and gates, some form of a home alarm system might be for you. 

4. Of course, a list is not complete without a safety security box. This is the place for jewelry only worn on very special occasions (i.e. family weddings) because it isn't very accessible, however, it is usually considered the most secure.

The more secure your item, the more inconvenient it generally is to keep it safe. A fancy jewelry box on your bedroom dresser is a thief's target so make sure you most important pieces are not stored in it. For everyday wear pieces, make sure you have both safe and convenient storage so you don't accidentally lose a piece down a drain or in a small crevice in your house.

Thankfully, we live in one of the safest areas in the entire world. If the unthinkable happens, make sure it is the smallest possible blow emotionally and financially. Remember to get your jewelry insured and be sure to thank our dedicated police servicemembers that protect our community and keep it a wonderful place to live.