Customizing Jewelry with Confidence

Whether creating a unique engagement ring for your love or a fashion piece for yourself; customizing jewelry can be intimidating. 

You can have confidence customizing jewelry. Let's take a minute to look at a few examples of someone designing a ring and an overview of the big hairy monster: pricing.

Example 1. Julie falls in love with the setting of a ring in the showcase but isn't a fan of the pink stone in it. She chooses a green Maine Tourmaline from a tray and it is set in the exact same setting as the ring in the showcase. 

To make this ring we simply need to set the stone into a stock setting. Usually there is minimal additional labor needed than on the original piece. 

Example 2. Mike chooses an engagement ring setting from the showcase, but wants to add a specific cut, color and clarity diamond from Canada and some extra stones on the sides. Even if the lab reports are almost exactly the same, each diamond looks slightly different in real life. After we make a few calls, Mike stops by again to personally choose a diamond from a selection that match his desired specifications. 

In this case a specific stone needs to be sourced and the setting modified. This would take more labor than assembling pre-made parts in stock like the first example. 

Example 3. Susan comes in with designer cut stone and describes the type of setting she wants. Examples of different elements of the ring are decided on and a picture is drawn of the ring. Susan approves a digital 3D picture and/or a wax example before the ring is made. 

Susan is designing a custom ring from scratch which is the most labor intensive of all. 

Like local organic produce, customized jewelry is made with skilled local labor. A jewelry specialist and gemologist must guide a customer through the pros and cons of each design choice. By nature, it is different than the click and ship customized jewelry online, or generic jewelry that is mass manufactured overseas. Usually, orders start at a couple hundred dollars, but most settings and stones come in a price range. If you have a budget, we will find an option that fits. When we quote a price for an order we never change it unless additional services or changes are requested. 

How long does it take? It depends. The more complex the custom order is the longer it takes. The average order is approximately 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it takes less if we have everything in stock, but it is best to plan ahead. The independent jewelry industry is really quite small. Who knows? Perhaps the highly specialized stone dealer is unavailable due to an overseas buying trip, or it may take a few extra emails to get the exact design you envision. Plan on 6-8 weeks for lots of buffer if you need something made for a specific date. 

You can have confidence customizing jewelry not just because you get to touch examples or our prices won't change unexpectedly, but because we do this every day and want to answer your questions before you make a commitment.  

It all starts with stopping by and interacting with jewelry in the showcase. You never know, you might fall in love with something unexpected.